Scalar & Vector

Five Ply Design // 2015 // Product development & design

Scalar and Vector lamps update mid-century silhouettes with modern materials and technology. The pendant lamps make use of composite veneer made from industry scraps while laser cutters are used to get precise dimensions.


Chipboard Vector

Chipboard, which has a similar thickness and flexibility to paper-backed eco veneer, was used to figure out how each piece would fit together.


Scalar Black Oak Logo

Contrasting veneer inserts with the grain running perpendicular to the outer wood provide structural support as well as visual interest.

Each fin connects with a slot to each of its neighboring fins, ultimately creating a sturdy linked shade. The Five Ply logo is laser etched into one of the eighteen fins.

Vector and Scalar lamps are made in Wenge, Teak, and Oak to fit a variety of interiors. 

Black rubber gaskets are strung between each fin to prevent damage to the wood.


Scalar lamps feature elegant arches in the center of each fin that allow more light to be diffused. 


Vector lamps feature tall, asymmetric fins and can be hung in two orientations.