Senior Thesis Project // 2014 // Design & Manufacture

A senior capstone project utilizing all elements of the design process from sketching, model-making, and CAD to actual manufacture. The result is a vessel for relaxation and contemplation. 


After many rounds of sketching, the most promising concepts were chosen to move ahead with and further develop.

Scale Models

A direction was chosen and 1/4 scale models were constructed to further refine and realize the concept.

A full-scale mock up was tested to zero in on the proportions.


Computer models were made in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot to nail down dimensions, provide blueprints for the welder, and better visualize the final product.

Build Process

Preparing Metal

Laser cut 1/8” steel panels

Roll stainless steel side and support rails


Bend feet in small increments to produce a relatively smooth curve


Weld side and support rails to panels


Grind welds and rough metal

Sand end panels for brushed texture

Polish side rails to high shine


Cut to proper size and shape

Test fit in frame


Make pattern for each cushion

Cut upholstery-grade 100% wool felt

Sew covers


Thirteen chaise lounges from the WWU senior class were displayed at a one-night-only show hosted by Teague in downtown Seattle.