Washington Topo Map

Custom art // 2016 // File Setup, Production, and Installation

A custom art installation for the Nature Conservancy’s new Seattle office designed and made at Five Ply Design with Peter Benarcik and Jim Harkness. Map data was transformed into Illustrator files that could be laser cut and a 10’x6′ topographic MDF map was completed and installed with approval from the client.

The full map is made of painstakingly hand-glued MDF panels sealed with a protective finish and mounted flush to the wall.

The newly installed topographic map peeks out from the hallway of the Nature Conservancy’s Seattle office.

The many islands of Washington state were carefully mounted using a custom template as a guide.

Etched lines on panels with multiple elevations (like Mount Rainier pictured here) were utilized to aid with placement and gluing.

The map becomes the backdrop for meetings on the main floor of the office.