Student Project with McNett // 2013 // Design & Prototype Construction

McNett, a locally-based outdoor care and repair company, asked for new product ideas focused around a theme of customization that would relate to their current repertoire while pushing into new market segments. The result is a playful pack cover that gets kids excited about hiking and expands McNett’s customer base.


Why and how do people customize their belongings?

How do children and adults customize their gear differently?

Why is customization important?


McNett representatives liked the idea of a waterproof pack cover for kids as well as concepts

about rearrangeable facial feature patches and wanted to see what they would look like combined.


A prototype waterproof nylon pack cover was made to test how the concept would work.

The cover features rows of clear Velcro dots attached in an offset pattern to accommodate closed cell foam patches.

The patches come in a variety of designs including eyes, noses, mouths, and universal shapes that can be used to create faces and designs.


The siliconized nylon cover is capable of fitting a range of pack sizes and shapes due to its elastic edging.

It’s easy for kids to stretch the cover over their packs themselves and place the foam patches where they want.

When the sun comes out, Rea’rain’ge packs down into a pouch attached to the inside of the pack cover.

Small and lightweight, it takes up minimal space in the backpack.

A draw cord and toggle cinch the pouch closed and foam features are securely stored in a zipper pouch.