Site Safety

Student team project // 2014 // Research & Design
Team: Louie Dawson, Melina Edgerton, Matt Lider, Carson Massie, & Kirk Turner

WWU teamed up with FLUKE Corporation, a leader in the electronic test and measurement field, to develop a system that utilizes an “intelligent safety” system that both fits their brand image and expands their reach. Site Safety is a scalable system that increases hazard awareness, integrates with systems already in the workplace, and provides interactive, noninvasive safety tools.


Current perimeter safety methods include signs, physical barriers, and administration to identify work zones and dangers within specific areas.

Even bright signage is easily ignored when it’s seen every day.

Physical barriers require significant time and energy to set up.

Administrative rules can be ignored or misinterpreted by workers.


Increase hazard awareness for workers in specific locations

Increase worker convenience and efficiency

Utilize existing systems workers are familiar with

Avoid irritating or unnecessary warnings

Transform passive perimeter safety measures into something interactive

Technical Feasibility

In order to be useful, our product must work in factories of varying size. GEA Farm Technology proves that similar systems can be scalable, since its software supports up to 1,000 livestock trackers.

Ekahau’s hospital products use a standard wifi system to track tools, patients, and employees. Since most workplaces already use wifi, a wifi-based system would be easy and inexpensive to integrate.

Tile’s app allows users to set perimeters and be notified if their tag leaves the area. The ability to fit this technology into a slim, one inch square affirmed our idea of small products with many capabilities.


The team decided that an intelligent name badge would be the most effective physical manifestation of the abstract idea of a perimeter safety system. An ID badge is wearable, visible, and already accepted in the workplace.

A wide variety of forms were explored and the team ultimately decided on a slim tag, brushed aluminum accents, a pivoting clip, LED accents, and an area for a personalized name tag.


A suite of transponders interact with an intelligent ID badge and an accompanying app.

Companies can purchase custom numbers of badges and transponders depending on their needs.

ID Badge

Central product in Site Safety system

Identifies the wearer

Alerts wearer to nearby dangers using text, LED lights, vibration, and/or noise

Small Transponder

Bluetooth supported

Locates smaller tools within a room

Medium Transponder

Wi-Fi supported

Locates forklifts or other assets that move around a factory

Large Transponder

GPS supported

Locates long-range assets such as company vehicles


How it Works